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Author's Submission Guidelines

Below are some guidelines for articles.

  • Please submit articles to the editor via e-mail in rich text, Word, or WordPerfect format. 
  • If documentation is necessary, please use APA style and include a References page.  Please note the information about tone for researched articles
  • If you include graphics, please submit them in GIF or JPEG format. 
  • Tables should be created using the table tool (instead of using tabs).

Please include the following with your article

  • an article title,
  • your name,
  • your institutional affiliation,
  • an e-mail address,
  • a mailing address,
  • a phone number,
  • a paragraph autobiographic blurb,
  • an author photo in JPEG format

What We're Looking For

We're looking for the following types of material:

  • hands-on, how-to articles
  • articles that illustrate what really worked for you or your colleagues
  • upcoming dates and events that are significant to any area in the distance learning community
  • tips and tricks that work with a specific distance learning technology
  • the scoop from a great DL conference you attended
  • policy issues that need to be addressed in DL
  • other topics that would benefit members of ARDLA and distance education
  • policy and research articles are welcome although we'd like them to be in a more relaxed tone than that of the traditional scholarly journal

Author Copyright

Authors retain the copyright for material published in The ARDLAN, including but not limited to all rights to authorize subsequent publication and/or translation. Any factual inaccuracies or opinions expressed therein are the authors' own, and do not necessarily reflect the knowledge, views, or positions of the hosting institution, any of the institution's units, or The ARDLAN's editors.

Material appearing in The ARDLAN may be distributed freely by electronic or any other means, providing that any such distribution is without charge (unless for purposes of cost recovery by interlibrary loan services) and that The ARDLAN is acknowledged as the source. However, no article may be reprinted in any publication without the explicit written permission of the author(s).


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