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About the Newsletter

“From a Distance…” is the official newsletter of the Arkansas Distance Learning Association (ARDLA).


“From a Distance…” acts as a venue for sharing both practical information of use and researched information of interest between those involved in distance education in Arkansas.  We want “From a Distance…” to be a place Arkansans in distance learning look for information that will help make their jobs in distance education easier.  We hope to provide answers for those involved in distance learning in K-12, higher education, telemedicine, telejustice, online education, and interactive video instruction.


The tone of the newsletter is less formal than that of the traditional scholarly journal. Primarily we’re seeking material that is hands-on and instructional and/or informative, although policy and research articles are certainly welcome if they are useful to the wide variety of members in ARDLA and Arkansas institutions and written in a less scholarly style.  Even though “From a Distance…” is simply a newsletter, we want to produce a publication that is well-written, well-edited, and professional. 


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