Volume 2, Issue 1

Spring 2010

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From the Editor...
by Karen Liebhaber

The ARDLA board is working hard to come up with a conference that is both varied in topic and target audience.  I hope you'll consider attending this year's conference in September! 

Don't forget about the opportunities ARDLA's conference has for you to present.  You may think you have nothing to add, but you'd be amazed at how many people are really interested in what you have to say!  If you wonder about your topic, contact Tonya McKinney with questions.

I hope you'll send me what is going on at your campus.  Operating a newsletter is a study in frustration because rarely do I hear anything from anyone but myself.  I value your feedback!

Finally, this is a bit of a sad time.  We are in the second volume of our newsletter, but due to lack of interest, this will also be the last scheduled issue.  I expect that an issue will be written after the conference, but I can't promise anything.  However, as hard as I have tried to request information and gather articles, it's hard getting information.  It's also difficult being a one man band.

I want to say thank you to all of the regular contributors:  Mike Abbiatti, Dr. Kate Burkes, Pati Alberts, Valerie Wilson, and others.  Thank you again to Valerie for supporting my venting and the newsletter in general.  If I receive a lot of information, I'll certainly send out a special issue of the newsletter.  Otherwise, it's been great writing and coordinating this and I hope to see you at the conference.

About the Author


Karen Powers LiebahberKaren Powers Liebhaber is the Distance Education Coordinator, Blackboard and Moodle System Administrator, and an instructor of English and literature at Black River Technical College.  She earned a Master of Arts in English from Arkansas State University.  She lives in Pocahontas with her husband and two children.

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