Volume 1, Issue 5

Winter 2009

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Arkansas Video Network Statistics -- 2009
by Pati Alberts

For those of you that missed the 2009 ARDLA Conference, below are the highlights from the State of Network Address that Max Kolstad gave, on my behlf, at the conference. I hope you find these statistics helpful when bragging about what a great Distance learning Network the State of Arkansas has!

How Big is the Network?
For September 2009,

  • there were 90 H.320 sites, down 24 sites from September 2008;

  • there were 461 H.323 sites, up 28 from September 2008;

Of the 461 H.323 sites in September,

  • 86 sites were Higher Ed, down 5 sites from 2008

  • 18 sites were Medical, down 13 sites from 2008

  • 119 sites were State Agencies, including ADE, educational co-ops, and the Department of Corrections, up 5 from 2008

  • 328 sites were K-12, up 17 from 2008

Growth Statistics

Sept 2007 Sept 2008 Sept 2009
Fall Semester Conferences Scheduled 30,075 30,778 33,449
Number of Conferences run per week, Fall 1587 1732 1882
Number of conferences run during September 6347 7286 7948
Number of Sites in Conference per month 20,089 25,222 26,041
Number of Conference Hours per month 21,046 25,144 25,664
Average Number of Conferences per day 335 348 378
Largest Number of Conferences per day 348 363 396


Weekly Conference Count Sept 2007 Sept 2008 Sept 2009
Monday 343 354 384
Tuesday 340 349 382
Wednesday 344 360 388
Thursday 341 356 385
Friday 306 320 343

Due to increased volume for the Fall 2009 Semester, almost every record high has been surpassed! Previously, the largest number of conferences held in a single month was 8070, in October 2008. In October 2009, we ran 8202 conferences! We also broke a record for the number of conferences run on a single day. On September 24th, 398 conferences were conducted on the network! We also expect to run in excess of 65,000 conferences in 2009.

If there are other statistics that would be helpful, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 314-235-3080 or pa6164@att.com and I will be happy to get the information for you if it is available. 

About the Author


Karen Powers LiebahberFor the past 28 years, Pati Alberts has worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone, SBC Communications, and now AT&T.  In 1980, she was the first female Outside Plant Supervisor for Southwestern Bell Telephone.  Today, Pati’s team consists of five highly skilled video conferencing experts.  Mary Bizzle, Dean Coleman, Mike Gillam, and Sam Lin are located in St. Louis; Lee Gupton is located in Little Rock. 

Pati graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and from Webster University with a Masters Degree in Telecommunication Management. She has been married for 21 years to her husband Andy Horn.  They currently have one dog, a Puggle named Abby.  Andy and Pati drag race Harley Davidson motorcycles all over the U.S.  Andy is the pilot; Pati is the crew chief and manager of A & H Racing.

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